Denise Clifton

Hello, I’m Denise Clifton

I am known for being the creator and visionary of the revolutionary health and wellness market for conscious pet parents, Pupologie Natural Pet.

I am here to empower and awaken people to their own innate intelligence.

My Story

In 2003, I took an unassuming position at a small local pet store chain called Pet Nutrition Center. I was 23 and at a place in my life where I was truly seeking to find my calling. When I took the position, I honestly thought it was just going to be a fun detour while I looked into “real careers”.

Upon my second day of training, the owner taught me about the dark side of the pet industry. I was shocked and enraged to learn the heinous commonplace practices and ingredients being used in the leading and most trusted brands of pet food.

Two years later, I created Pupologie. I wanted a platform to reach and engage in real conversations with as many pet parents as possible and to introduce them to ethical and holistic alternative products and resources.

I have had the honor of supporting, learning from, and communing with tens of thousands of pet parents over the past fifteen years.

This path has made me an entrepreneur, a leader of a company, a counselor, a facilitator, an event coordinator, a writer, a teacher, a public figure, a partner, a social media marketer, an activist, and so much more.