Core Values

DeniseOnFiya-96photo credit: Erinn McCurtrie


I am an empath which means I am highly aware of energies, emotions and feelings of those around me, including animals.

It is my desire in every situation to ensure all beings, including myself, feel safe, heard, seen, and respected.


This is a big one for me.   I am so passionate about truth and fairness, it is the reason I created Pupologie.  I saw such an extreme gap between the truth and what we are led to believe by mainstream pet food manufacturers about their products through marketing, I simply could not sit idly by.   I have zero tolerance for lies, deception, fakeness, or any form of dishonesty.


Learning and growth is as necessary as oxygen.


I have a deep calling within me to help and improve the lives of those around me and beyond.  And real connection with those I spend time with is non-negotiable.


Being human is AMAZING.  We were blessed with the gift of sensory and experience.  I have eyes to see, ears to hear, a nose to smell, a tongue to taste, skin and a heart to feel, and an intricate brain to process every single moment.  Our time here is not only for serving, working, and doing.  Our time here is for existing and being, experiencing life and all of the amazing magic that is all around in the form of God’s creations as well as the creations we make as humans.

When we take time to drink in the magic that surrounds us, we are able to plug into the truest essence of ourselves.


I am a creator.  I need ample amounts of space to create.


Freedom is our natural born state.  Even God granted us free will. We are sovereign beings designed to follow our inner calling and knowing, without the imposition of others.  Freedom is not a reality for many beings.  I hope that my contribution in the world will help to change that.