Private Sessions

Denise Clifton at the register with her dog Chee Cha and a customer.

Book A Private Session With Me

I am here to offer support, guidance, wisdom, resources, and my expertise for aligned projects. Below are a few examples of the kinds of things for which you can book a private session with me.

Pet Parenting

  • Pet wellness and nutrition guidance
  • Getting started with rotational feeding
  • Getting started with raw, lightly cooked, minimally processed and home prepared diets
  • Support in harmonizing home dynamics among human and animal family members
  • Navigating lifestyle changes and new phases with your pet
  • Introducing a new pet or family member into the home


  • Pet industry consulting
  • Pet store strategizing
  • Brand curation guidance
  • Building your business network and support team


  • Heart-Centered Leadership
  • Growing your business without sacrificing your values
  • Embracing spirituality in business
  • Using your intuition as a superpower in business

Individual & Couple Session

90 minutes – $300

Group Session (up to 6 people)

90 minutes – $500

Party Session (up to 20 people)

2 hours – $1000